Laser Cutting Shop Website updates are coming!

Hello Everyone,
We at Laser Cutting Shop are undertaking the process of updating our site and focusing our efforts on getting you, our customers, better information to stream line the process of submitting projects and developing ideas. Some of you may have noticed a few changes but we are only scratching the surface. We are hoping to provide more general information, more images of past projects and our wider service offerings, and detailed wedding and invitation project information.

Laser cut wedding stationary and invitations are so in right now and we get many requests. I hope to have a full blog post up in the next week or so exclusively relating to laser cut invitations and all wedding paper goods. I will list pros, cons, general expense, paper selections, outside resources for printing, file set up info, and images!!!

Another section of interest will be our Store Displays. These are a labor of love and tap into our creative skills, knowledge of materials, mechanization, as well as installation process. Such projects have been done over the past few years yet we have neglected getting the word out. We have now become some what specialists in this field and are looking for more opportunities with Creative Directors as well as other in house Visual Display specialists.
Please check back soon!

Haryn De Leon
Founder, Laser Cutting Shop

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