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“Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole” for Shadow Machine/Shadow Animation will premier on June 27th!!! We assisted on this project a while back and are always really excited to see our work on TV.   The Crew at Shadow Machine/Shadow Animation is absolutely amazing and a blast to work with. These are some of the most creative and […]

Rotary Axis Laser Etching

Laser Cutting Shop is excited to announce new rotary engraving capabilities! This amazing tool will allow us to Laser Etch and Cut cylindrical and round surfaces.  We will post some photo samples…stay tuned.

Trumpet Wood Engraving

This laser engraved trumpet was a little project that we really enjoyed working on. The customer was super happy with the results and ended up using the piece for his son’s birthday. Good times.  

Wyn Guitar – Jimmy Haslip’s custom “Gabriela Rose”

Laser Cutting Shop and Haryn De Leon recently started working with Randy Fullmer, a talented luthier who has been creating masterfully crafted guitars under the name Wyn Guitars. We had the nerve racking pleasure of  engraving “Gabriela Rose” on Jimmy Haslip’s custom six string Wyn Guitar. It is always a pleasure to work with talented […]

FlashForward Bullet – Not Today

Tonight we were excited to see some of our work on ABC’s hit new show FlashForward. A few months ago we laser etched the words “NOT TODAY” into several sets of bullets….and now we know how they tie into the show. Amazing how such a tiny little thing can make such an impact! Here are […]