Medusae Collection of lamps by Roxy Russell – JCrew window displays

Medusae Collection of lamps by Roxy Russell – JCrew window displays

We are a little late on posting about a wonderful project we cut last summer… Roxy Russell is a designer, friend, and fellow ACCD (Art Center College of Design) Alum that we have the pleasure of working with on a regular basis. While a student, Roxy created the jelly-fish inspired lamps as part of her […]

Jaqet Wallets by Jacques Flynn

Jaqet Wallets by Jacques Flynn

Our Friend and designer extrodinair, Jacques Flynn, and his Jaqet line of wallets and leather accessories were recently featured on  as well as a few other blogs and magazine features. Our friendship dates all the back to Art Center College of Design, back in the early 2000’s. Jacques or “Jack” as we call him, […]

LCS on Pinterest!!!

LCS on Pinterest!!!

  We have started a Laser Cutting Shop Pinterest account please check out our pins!

Restrung by  Mike Enns featuring our friend Randall Fullmer of Wyn Guitars

Restrung by Mike Enns featuring our friend Randall Fullmer of Wyn Guitars

Several years ago Randy told us about this film crew following him around and documenting his craft and daily life, with a vague idea what they would do with the footage. Finally, the film premiered last week at the Niagara Film Fest, and the film’s director, Mike Enns, won “Best Emerging Artist” for his efforts. […]

Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s

Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s

Matthew Miele’s new documentary, Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s, profiles the luxury Manhattan department store. The film looks at the many aspects that make Bergdorf’s Bergdorf’s, most importantly to us, their famous window displays. We’ve are proud to have been apart of their storied window display history. We worked with friend and creative director, Douglas Little, on both the Dell Adamo windows in […]

Ghetto Gato Goes for a Ride

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Last Friday Human Array and Laser Cutting Shop kicked off a bitchin new project. We took the first big step towards our own jewelry line and threw down some samples for the local caster.  Turns out this was the perfect excuse for the studio and Trevor Dunlop’s “Ghetto Gato” to take a field trip on a perfect […]

“Kawaii Hooker Marshmallows”

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If you you looked through LA WEEKLY today you would have stumbled upon a writeup on the fabulous Natalia Fabia.  Be sure to check it out. Laser Cutting Shop co-designed, engineered, cut, and assisted in the installation of 20 one-of-a-kind clear acrylic chandeliers and multiple single strand mobiles. We are currently in works creating designs for […]

Loren Kulesus – ICFF

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Laser Cutting Shop recently cut some funky shapes for our good friend Loren Kulesus.  Little did we know the parts were for a paradigm breaking chair currently exhibiting at the 2010 ICFF. Definitely take a moment to read the description and check out the IGNKLYK site IGNKLYK is a design collective of two Brooklyn based designers, Kenjiro Yamakawa […]

Wyn Guitar – Jimmy Haslip’s custom “Gabriela Rose”

Laser Cutting Shop and Haryn De Leon recently started working with Randy Fullmer, a talented luthier who has been creating masterfully crafted guitars under the name Wyn Guitars. We had the nerve racking pleasure of  engraving “Gabriela Rose” on Jimmy Haslip’s custom six string Wyn Guitar. It is always a pleasure to work with talented […]

Truly Luxe – Onna Ehrlich Handbags

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I would like to take break from all of our DellBergdorfDouglasAdamoGoodman chaos and introduce you to a fantastically talented and wonderful friend of ours…. and her luscious handbags. We present Onna Ehrlich. Onna Ehrlich burst on the fashion scene in 2004 with a unique accessory line inspired by her African roots. From handbags hand made […]