Laser cut and etched leatherlaser cut jewelryCustom laser cut cameo mirrors


Laser cutting is a process in which a high-powered laser is focused and controlled by a computer to cut through various materials leaving a cleaner edge than many other cutting methods.

We use a top-of-the-line CO2 laser cutting machine, which allows us to cut with higher precision and faster speeds than many others. Our high quality equipment, 10+ years of experience and love of creative problem solving we are able to produce exceptional work for our clients.

75 watt

24”x36” bed size

All files are translated into Corel Draw

Materials: Wood and Wood Based Products, Acrylic, Synthetic and Natural Fabrics, Leather, Paper and Other Organic Materials.

Please be aware we do not sell or stock materials.

Laser cutting applications: Signage, Stencils, Rubber Stamps, Die Cut Prototypes, Inlays, Topographical Models, Architectural Models, Paint Masks, Décor Objects, Jewelry, Art, Labels and More

Take a look at our Get a Quote page for more information. All quotations are estimations, subject to change and market price dependent. Final costs are effected by the results of testing, changes in artwork, final run times, ect. Work is not begun until client sign off of final artwork and quotation.