Laser etched soap stone

Laser engraving etches into the surface of a material and typically is not used for cutting. Using a jpeg, raster or solid vector shape the laser is adjusted to engrave to a desired depth. Laser engraving can be combined with laser cutting to create objects with multiple layers of detail. For engraving onto metals please look at our Metal Marking page.

Materials: Wood and Wood Based Products, Acrylic, Plastics, Synthetic and Natural Fabrics, Leather, Organic Materials, Anodized or Coated Metals, Stone, Glass.

Please be aware we do not sell or stock materials.

Laser engraved applications: 3-D Wood Engraving (ie. Skateboards, Boxes, Guitars), Identification Marking, Promotional Items, Stationary, Personalizing Vase and Glass Containers, Signage, Memorials and more.

Take a look at our Get a Quote page for more information. All quotations are estimations, subject to change and market price dependent. Final costs are effected by the results of testing, changes in artwork, final run times, ect. Work is not begun until client sign off of final artwork and quotation.