Flask with laser marked logoLaser Marked Bilstein Shock


We receive many inquires about working with metals. We cannot cut through metals, but can mark metals. Uses can run the gamut from technical measurement devices to whiskey flasks.

Markable metals:

  • Uncoated brass, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, nickel, bronze are marked using laser activated metal marking spray which will result in a black or grey color
  • Anodized aluminum will result in a whitish color.
  • Painted or enameled metals will have varying colors depending on coating and metal.
  • Metals with a clear coat are not suited for this application.
  • Please be aware we do not sell or stock materials.

Take a look at our Get a Quote page for more information. All quotations are estimations, subject to change and market price dependent. Final costs are effected by the results of testing, changes in artwork, final run times, ect. Work is not begun until client sign off of final artwork and quotation.