Restrung by Mike Enns featuring our friend Randall Fullmer of Wyn Guitars

Several years ago Randy told us about this film crew following him around and documenting his craft and daily life, with a vague idea what they would do with the footage. Finally, the film premiered last week at the Niagara Film Fest, and the film’s director, Mike Enns, won “Best Emerging Artist” for his efforts.
We were lucky enough to be able to get to screen the film last night. The film reminds me of “The Agony and the Ecstacy” and Charlton Heston and Rex Harrison’s obsessive characters are by both represented by Randy. His dedication and love to luthier, music, customers, and idols can be seen and is very well summed up by the film’s tag line “common sense is no match for a man with a mad plan.”

You are able to view the trailer or purchase a streaming version through their website. You can also check out the Wyn Guitars handmade by Mr. Randall Fullmer himself on his website.

Laser Cutting Shop helps Randy with all the inlay work including his “Wyn” contrasting wooden logo featured on every head stock, and the mother of pearl inlay for Jermaine Jackson’s wild signature bass. As an added feature to his clients, we also provide custom initials, name, and graphic feature inlays on frets and running the length of the fret boards.

Restrung by Mike Enns Documenting Randall Fullmer of Wyn Guitars

Restrung by Mike Enns
Documenting Randall Fullmer of Wyn Guitars