LCS Qr Code

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Look Ma! LCS is keeping up with technology. Check out our new QR code! With a smart phone you can use a Bar Code or QR code application to take a pic of this code and link directly to our website. We think it will definitely find its place on LCS packaging and maybe on our store […]

Mural Time Lapse

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  Check out this time lapse of Trevor Dunlop and crew letting loose on a wall at the Human Array Studio and Gallery in San Pedro Ca. For a peek at the final piece check us out at the San Pedro First Thursday Artwalk. Mad credit goes to Greg Jeckell for putting the time lapse together. […]

San Pedro First Thursday Art Walk

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Last night’s First Thursday Artwalk in San Pedro was kickin with art and jewelry by our designers, gourmet food trucks,  galleries, and live street art exhibitions. We can’t wait till it gets warmer and the streets get crowded! Join us on Cinco de Mayo for the next event!  ……

Ghetto Gato Goes for a Ride

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Last Friday Human Array and Laser Cutting Shop kicked off a bitchin new project. We took the first big step towards our own jewelry line and threw down some samples for the local caster.  Turns out this was the perfect excuse for the studio and Trevor Dunlop’s “Ghetto Gato” to take a field trip on a perfect […]

Wyn Guitars by Randy Fullmer

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We normally don’t play favorites with our customers, but in some cases our admiration for an artists work is too overwhelming. Randy Fullmer is a good friend of ours that runs Wyn Guitars, an amazing custom bass shop packed to the gills with every exotic hardwood and tool you could imagine. His guitars showcase an […]

New Wooden Business Cards

There are definitely advantages to having a design firm as a partner in your office. This weekend it was decided that Human Array’s business cards were a little boring and we needed an update. A few…..hundred…designs later we settled on 2 simple designs and got to cutting. The result was awesome, and a week later they all disappeared. So I […]

Frankenhole Comes to Hollywood

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Every once in a while we help Laser Cutting Shop with some really fun projects that are out of the ordinary. One of the most recent projects involved the laser cutting of props and various elements used in the production of Frankenhole for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.  During this project we had the opportunity to […]

San Pedro First Thursday Art Walk

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The last couple of weeks we have been swamped and the San Pedro First Thursday art walk just snuck up on us. In a mad rush the studio cranked out a loosely Bucky inspired geometric wall sculpture, while Trevor let loose with a Mayan inspired ancient alien mural…time lapse of the process to come.  It all looked […]

New Laser Cutting Shop and Studio!

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Growing up is always sad. We were having a blast sharing studio space with our super good friend Dan @ DashDot studios. Unfortunately we had to part ways and get our own studio. It was a sad day in Long Beach. But now we have our own studio in San Pedro! And it is perfect…..Almost. The […]

First Thursday Art Walk – San Pedro

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Laser Cutting Shop and Human Array are super excited to be participating in San Pedro’s First Thursday Art Walk. This event has been going on for a few years and in recent months the event feels like it is starting to gain momentum. Most of the shops and studios on 6th and 7th street participate by […]